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The Active Bookstore

The Active Bookstore brings together in one place the books related to our school’s main courses, plus a general selection of those related to many of the therapy treatments and workshops we offer through Gaia, ASCT, or Active Recovery (saves time searching the web for suppliers).

The store is powered by and operated in association with Amazon, so you can be confident that it is 100% safe and secure. And, because Amazon is one of the World's largest online stores it means you get exactly the same great prices too! So the next time you're thinking of buying a course book or any other therapy book, then why not take a look in the Active Bookstore first.

In time, we hope to be able to open other therapy related pages providing Complementary products for you to browse through and purchase. (See the Flexibility items on this page).

The            Kindle

Please note that, in 2018, we will be relocating the Book Store to a stand alone site. If you bookmark this page and return to find it unavailable then please use the link on the Active Recovery Index Page.