Do you need a qualification higher than Level 5?

The ISRM schools could make our qualification a Level 6 by adding on a dissertation but we won’t do this because we believe it would be an unnecessary use of your time, effort and money if you just want to be a highly successful therapist.

A dissertation requires an extensive programme of reading and research. You have to demonstrate intellectual independence and originality in choosing the subject. Then engage in sustained analysis, interpretation, and comparison of a substantial body of data.

This should certainly make you an expert in one very specific aspect of our work but how often are you likely to see this situation in general clinical practice. And will this give you any better hands-on skills? Clients come to us for good hands-on treatment, not a lecture!

A Level 6 qualification is supposed to be on the same academic level as a University degree but it is not a university degree and you can’t put letters like BSc after your name. For this it has to be equivalent to 3 years full-time higher education and must be validated through a recognised University.