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CNHC, the regulator for complementary healthcare, consulted across all sectors of our industry to arrive at a standard CPD requirement. ASCT has adopted this standard. The full CNHC document is available on request or via our download page, but here are the key points.

CPD is defined as:

 'a range of learning activities through which professionals grow and develop throughout their careers to ensure that they retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice'.

When working as a professional practitioner, it is important that you keep your theoretical and practical / knowledge and skills up to date in two main areas:

  1. Learning more about your discipline or therapy.
  2. Learning more about how to work as a professional practitioner, including any new legislative or other requirements.

A minimum of 15 hours per year overall must be spent on CPD to meet the requirements. Your CPD must include activities which involve learning specifically about your own discipline(s) as well as more general learning to support your development as a practitioner. This general learning could be focused on issues such as health & safety, first aid, or business development. A wide range of activities is recognised, which you can count towards your CPD. These could induce. for example:

Unable to Meet the Requirements?

If you cannot/do not complete the number of hours required, this does not mean you will automatically lose the membership of whichever organisation you belong to. Most professional associations should take into account mitigating circumstances. Advice will usually be offered to enable you to complete your CPD, where possible, over an agreed period of time. Should it still not be possible to meet the standards, normally registration will lapse until such time as they are met.

Choosing Relevant CPD Activity

These are examples of some types of activities that you may wish to consider when planning your CPD.

Group Activity

Personal Study


Personal and Professional Development

What is Continuing Professional Development?


CNHC CPD Text and Resources