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1. If you have qualified to Level 3 but have less than 3 years practical experience, ISRM and the EdExcel (BTEC Course Validators), have stated that  you must register for the full bridging programme.

2. ISRM will not allow therapists with less than two years experience to attend anyform of Bridging programme.

Programme Entry Requirements

Attendance on this course is conditional on the following requirements:

  • All applicants must be aged 21 or older and be relatively fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Applicants should have two, or more, years previous experience of massage techniques and have completed a Level 3/4 (or equivalent) course in massage therapy.
  • Prospective students will be required to complete a portfolio of evidence of their massage experience (please download and read the Bridging Portfolio Guide ).
  • An (ISRM) entry requirement for the Level 5 BTEC Diploma course is that students complete a basic course of study in Anatomy and Physiology before or during their attendance on the course. If you do not have a qualification in this subject area, you must provide evidence that your massage training provided adequate education in A&P, or be willing to undertake an acceptable A&P course. Many of our students have found the course below highly useful in fulfilling this requirement.

Anatomy & Physiology

If you wish to reserve a place on this course you may do so using the panel right.

Alternatively please request or download our Application Pack or contact us as per the contact details above or below.

No Risk Reservation Deposit

Yes. Please reserve me my place on this workshop. I realise that I may withdraw my reservation at any time by contacting ASCT direct.

As soon as we receive notification from Pay Pal that your payment has been authorised we will forward you further details on how to upgrade to a Standard Deposit (or to pay the Full Fee) and Course Registration Forms.

Full Fee: £ 1850

Instalment  Fees:

  • Deposit £500
  • Five payments of £270

Note: If a reservation fee (see below) has been paid the deposit is £460

Please refer to our payment methods page

Payment Options

PayPal: Buy Bridging Reservation

How to Apply

Step 1 - Ensure you read Active’s Terms and Conditions.

Step 2 - Complete an Evidence Portfolio (download APL Portfolio Guide)

Step 3 -  Download and complete/print an Application Pack according to the included instructions, ensuring details are entered clearly *. Upon completion please forward the pack and portfolio to:


The Gaia Centre

17 Frederick Street


Leics., LE11 3BH

Step 4 - Await contact from ASCT regarding next steps.

* All information is for the sole use of ASCT and will not be passed onto any third party.







7th Jul 2018

9am - 5pm

If you have further questions please contact us on our enquiries form.

Telephone +44 (0) 1509 556101

Email: admin@ukmassagecourses.com

If you wish to attend this course you may reserve a place using the panel on the Payment Tab. Alternatively please request or download our Application Pack or contact us as below.

Important Note: Please ensure you are free to attend ALL weekends before booking with us.

For alternate course dates click here.


The full Bridging course follows the advanced elements of the ISRM/BTEC Diploma course. On this intensive seven month course you will:

Revise and consolidate general massage techniques:

Effleurage, Petrissage, Frictions, Percussion (Tapotement), Compression, Vibration

Learn advanced soft tissue techniques/massage for special conditions

Connective Tissue and Myofascial techniques, Positional Release, MET, STR, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Strain-Counter Strain, scar tissue management, Visceral massage, etc

Examine Flexibility, (Facilitated) Stretch, Relaxation and Stress Management

Explore Injury and Recovery - Analysis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Investigate Postural Analysis *

Analyse Touch/Connection/Palpation *

* For students who have not covered these elements at Level Three/Four this may require an extra weekend.

Validated by the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM)

Please Note: Assessment Track Fees are currently under review but are available on request.

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Looking for a skills upgrade?

Need to brush up your qualifications?

Want a Bridging Course to take you to the next level?

A number of massage training schools now offer skills upgrade courses for sports massage practitioners. ASCT runs the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage Bridging Course that allows practitioners with a previous Sports Massage qualification to upgrade to the level five ISRM/BTEC Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy qualification.

If you hold an appropriate qualification e.g. a Level 3 or 4 Massage Certificate, and have more than two years experience, the ASCT Bridging programme offers two options:

  1. If you have less than three years experience and/or have attended few CPD workshops you should register for the full programme - please continue with the tabs on this page.
  2. For practitioners with extensive experience you may opt for the Assessment Track - please download the ISRM-BTEC Bridging Programme PDF file, and refer to our fees breakdown.

Programme Overview

ISRM/BTEC Level 5 Bridging Programme

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