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Online Anatomy and Physiology Course

For any student of massage/massage related therapies:

Knowledge and understanding of this subject is essential to your practice of massage. If you have an ambition to be successful professional therapist, a thorough grounding in A&P will make the difference in your being merely a ‘body mechanic’, able to provide a basic massage work out, and you becoming a practitioner capable of offering treatments that solve diverse health conditions.

There are, of course, many ways that you as a massage therapist can learn A&P; through home study; via Distance Learning/Correspondence course; attending formal classes/lectures at the local college; taking private tuition.

Skull Muscle Section

Tip: For answers to the above hover your mouse pointer over the letters.

Final A&P Assessment not far away?

If so:

Can you name the structures A-F pictured in the subdermal layers, or the muscles A-D?

NO ?

Then perhaps you could use an A&P and/or Muscle Revision aid:

Skin Section






Levator Scapula





Free Nerve Endings

Tactile (Meissner’s) Corpuscles

Ruffini’s Corpuscles

Lamellated (Pacinian) Corpuscles



Tactile (Merkel’s)


For some time the Principals of ASCT have been researching educational techniques, to find a suitable course that combines the freedom of learning at home, in your own time, and at your own pace, yet still provides the sensation and benefits of being in the classroom. A course that provides for the different styles of learning - audio, visual, etc., and one that is presented by a knowledgeable tutor.

With the advent of the Internet, the common availability of Broadband, and the facility of streaming video, such a course is now possible. ASCT has discovered a course that meets the conditions above and, having been given unlimited access to the materials to check the quality and level, we are more than pleased to recommend it.

The course is particularly suitable for those with limited or no grounding in A&P, and allows you to attain a Level 3 qualification in the subject.

Course content includes study of the following body systems, essential for any complementary therapist:

and more…

Anatomy and Physiology Course
Anatomy and Physiology Courses
Muscle revision aid for anatomy and physiology course

       would you like the versatility of studying towards your Anatomy & Physiology diploma at home whilst still feeling part of a class?

We recommend Gill Tree's 60 hour Virtual Classroom e-course which is fun, inspirational and has all the benefits of home study whilst still offering you structure and support to succeed.

The online package includes films, interactive games, downloadable worksheets and supplementary information.

It’s fun, inspirational and with 100% ITEC diploma pass rate from this course you know you’re choosing quality training.

Enjoy flexibility and all the benefits of Distance Learning including:

Still not sure? Try it here,

and then get started on your own course here.


If you have read any information about Learning Styles, you will be aware that each person has their own optimum way of learning new information. Not everyone finds it easy to teach themselves on their own, in their own accommodation, through either self-study or correspondence. Some require the experience of being in the classroom or learning from a knowledgeable tutor. Then again, not all can commit to the confined schedule set by these sources, or be able to attend at their set locations.